S1,E7-Boundaries and Healthy Relationships

Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate this week, The Joseph. Currently hosting 3 online radio shows with his wife #TheHer, The 2Harks Show 8am Sunday on WMVU.org Music Inspiration and fun. The 2Harks Show 4pm Sunday on GospelImpactradio.com Music Inspiration and fun • The 2Harks Sunday Show 6pm on WMVU.org Playing your favorite gospel RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul. The Joseph likes to take time to appreciate the moments in life and enjoy his loving wife.

This week’s episode the Joseph will join the ladies in discussing the importance of setting healthy boundaries in order to maintain healthy relationships in business, with family and with a potential or current mate. Enjoy the candor of the stories you will hear. Laugh with us as we share testimony about experiences where drawing the line was the best thing to do.

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