S1,E1-Your First Experience w/Racism.

Join our panel of amazing humans as they speak candidly about their first experience with racism. This is part 1 of a 3 part series discussing the cause and effect of racial divide. 

Welcome Steve Stevenson of the YWCA as Our King To Celebrate on this weeks episode! If you would like more information on the YWCA’s Women’s Residency Program please go the link below. 


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11 thoughts on “S1,E1-Your First Experience w/Racism.”

  1. great podcast. powerful people opening up about a specific subject that needs opening up. the premise of the “the first” is genius, and really shines a unique light on the realities and consequences of our past and present on our young people. the stories are at once heartbreaking and inspirational. thank you for sharing them and for pushing for positive change. keep fighting the good fight queens n kings!

  2. Awesome work, ladies!! I’m so proud of you. These were really impactful stories. And incorporating Steve was seamless. Really impressive work.

  3. First, God bless all black people! Thank you for talking about this powerful subject. It is all out there. It makes me sad to know that this is the world we live in. I pray every day it can change. Nothing is impossible.
    Prayers, Love & Hugs

  4. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and thank you Crys for inviting me into this space. It hurts me to hear about all the pain you all experience just living your lives. I can not even begin to comprehend what that must be like day to day, no escape. So many powerful thoughts shared here. RACISM IS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM. So very very true and if a person thinks racism isn’t real, they’ve had the privilege of living a day, a lifetime, where it did not effect them. (black history training could not be more accurate also) Truly beautiful of you all to share. I hope we can all grow and become better as humans and keep fighting for love and kindness.

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